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The 5 Whys

Eric Ries explains how to find the human causes of technical problems.

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  1. Subash CV - Executive Coach says: Submitted:

    ‘Finding human problem behind a technical problem is very powerful’. For all problems are human, man-made 🙂
    No doubt about the power of 5-Whys. In classical coaching, we avoid asking ‘Why’. We are curious to understand the “why” behind the goal of the coachee/client. It is assumed asking a direct ‘why’ may cause resistance in the client, conscious or unconscious. One way we get to the root of ‘why’ is asking incidentally 5 “What-If” questions. This is part of coach training leading for leaders and aspiring/uncredentialed coaches. Lack of trust/intimacy (ICF coaching competency) is an underlying cause.

  2. Hiren Madan says: Submitted:

    Wow! That’s something great analogy to 5 Why!!

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